Think this is a great idea for a site and I feel that there is a natural attraction between mature ladies and younger men, however it is almost the last taboo!

I would like to make the point that a liaison between a young man and a considerably older lady does not always take the form of a secret affair. My wife’s current lover is a handsome young man of 19, almost 30 years her junior. This relation exists with my full knowledge and blessing, in no way do I consider it tawdry or in any way a threat to our marriage. I have always understood that my wife is a very sexual person and I would rather see her needs openly satisfied than have her feel she needed to engage in anything underhand.

Originally when my wife revealed to me that she had met a young man that she found highly attractive to the extent that she was desperate to have sex with him, I was stunned. However we have always been a close, free thinking couple and eventually I agreed. Her current lover is the fourth she has invited to her bed, she hasn’t yet been turned down. She claims he is her best lover yet which she says is due to her expert tuition! He was a virgin before meeting my wife which to his credit he was quite honest about and he needed no persuasion to join her in the bedroom. She ideally likes her men to be virgins or at least inexperienced. Partly I think she likes to be in control in bed but also she likes to teach them how to satisfy her sexually. Often when the men are fully proficient and competent in bed I am invited to watch. Mostly they meet alone, normally 4 or 5 times a week sometimes a lot more if my wife is extra horny.

Close friends, that we have told of our unusual arrangement, have been largely supportive and indeed envious. In one case so much so that the lady of the couple is now being pleasured regularly by one of my wife’s former lovers. He was, unfortunately, becoming a little over possessive plus my wife’s eye was starting to wonder again, so the arrangement suited us all.

To sum up I think it better to let my wife (and myself!) enjoy her rampant sexuality and the appeal she most definitely has to young men than to try and contain it and possibly bring unhappiness.

Charles B.